Greetings from the Mosquitoes (toes?) in Klagenfurt







Welcome to my blog. It has nothing in it yet. Not that it will contain interesting writings in the future. Basically, this will be a blog about a girl in her mid 20’s who likes swings and boats. But that is not the reason why I name my blog the way it is named. If it was, it would rather be called ‘girl in a boat and swing’ (ekk, not a good name…)

I call myself a TCK (Third Culture Kid)–please google if you don’t know, although I know where my supposedly home is. I was born in a country that is not my nationality.  But my hometown is not where I was born (having lived there for only 2-3 years). I grew up in countries outside of my home country. This experience ‘forces’ me to pick up different cultures from each countries and I am now someone who is mixed culturally. Personally, I adapt to the cultures that I like and become the ‘unique’ me (I do not know why I have to put that word in quotation marks). When I was young, I hated that I had to move every 3-4 years (I could tell you later why I hated moving). But now, I think it is in my blood and flesh. I can’t wait to move and see the other life in that corner of the globe. I don’t think about whether or not I will like it. I just do it. It has an excitement in itself. And maybe I am now like a boat, which is built to explore the sea, going from one harbour to another.

Klagenfurt, Austria. Saturday, 27 September, 2014. A new life for the next 2 years or so. We will have to see where my boat will float after that. A few years ago, I lived in an urban. Very busy, crowded, polluted, jammed, and disorganised. If you ask me why I chose Klagenfurt, one of the reasons is that I want to try something different, new, refreshing, and peaceful and I am very positive that Klagenfurt offers much of that. If I get bored in just 2 years, mind me. But I will try to be thankful and find a way to settle down.

It is only 9.22PM and I am already sleepy. My room is still untidy. So I will stop for now. I will try to update my blog as often as I can (if anyone is even interested to read…) But I like writing. It helps me, mentally, and also,  it helps you see how far you have come when you read your blog again one day. Bye for now. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions, like.. what does a mosquitoe (tow?) has anything to do with Klagenfurt? Well, I realized there are many mosquitoes here, big ones. 🙂


from an Asian girl living in Klagenfurt who makes spelling mistakes and likes to eat bread for dinner (which she is doing now because she has nothing to eat, but bread)



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