To Uni by Foot

Here I am, on the second day in Klagenfurt. I will go to uni on the 1st October and I want to know the way there. It is not that far, 10-15 min walk. I searched for the building that I have to go to on the 1st day. I tried to find the lake from the uni, but I was a bit lost and did not want to walk more. I had a map with me but it seems like I really can’t read a map.

So I went back home by trying the other route, passing through a green field (well.. Not really green :p), decent houses, and very tall sunflowers-I feel a little intrigued by how tall they are. I found a supermarkt near my place (which reminds me that I have to go grocery shopping soon). And I am happy to find a swing near my home! *proudface*


map of my uni AAU (Alpen Adria Universitaet)
the not so green field
just keep swinging..just keep swinging..

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