Uni Registration and Learning how to use Moodle

Let’s see. What have I done so far?

Well, October 1st was the registration day for my program in the uni. I am sure everyone knows the standard procedure of uni registration, such as submitting application form, bringing the required documents, and so on and so on. Dealing with the student admission is the same everywhere, but I liked that the process was not that long. They took a picture of me and tada! My card is ready (.. but it is valid only a week later..)

There was also a brief class for introducing the new students on how to use the Moodle. It is a platform of e-learning for the uni students and the teachers. You simply log in to the uni site with the username and password then you will be able to register for classes, see your grades,  check your grades–anything that deals with your status as a student, you could upload your assignments there, you could create forum- it’s awesome! 🙂

I met some of my new classmates, the lecturers, the students who are in the 3rd semester, and the student assistants. They all seemed very open, friendly, and welcoming. I hope they stay like that through out the semester 😀 But I really like the people here 🙂

I find it amusing to find this right in front yard of the uni 🙂



I almost got a cheap bike but the seat was too high of me :(
I almost got a cheap bike but the seat was too high of me 😦






A modern way of copying, scanning, and printing. Just use your student card and kadaboom! I still don’t know how to use it…

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