Never ever judge someone from his ‘cover’. ever.

Hallo there! Greetings from a TCK in Klagenfurt, Austria!

I should have explained more clearly earlier in the previous blogs about my reason of stay here in Klagenfurt. Is it just to travel? To study? To work? To marry an Austrian? (hm..) To make the story short, I am here to study- to continue my education in a master programme. Not only will I learn about my field of study, in class, but I will also learn about many things outside class or outside my studies, such as learning about the people and culture here, how the university system is run, and anything that is worth learning. Hopefully these experiences will make me rich in ideas and I could somehow contribute something to my home country (woohoo!)


I am almost a week in Klagenfurt. My first uni day starts in 9th October and today there was a guided campus tour which was really helpful. At first, when I looked at  the  map of the campus, I stared at it for minutes with my mind still blank. But now I think I know my way around the campus. Each building has a letter marked on the wall, so for example, if you have a class in E.1… that means, the class is in building E, the first floor. If it is 0, it is underground.

building E
lecture hall
being a little lost as I was searching a new shorter route to my home










I am sure we’ve all heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. This phrase is teaching us that we can not have an opinion on someone at first sight or impression, without trying to know that person for some time, whatever he may look from the outside. Personally, I very much agree to the statement but in reality, I spontaneously judge someone simply from the appearance or his background or beliefs. The tour guide in my campus, I must say, looked like someone who should not work anymore (in other words, she looked old), and her appearance did not represent someone who would work in offices or universities (she wore a purple pullover, green pants, and purple shoes that has writing ‘love’ on it.) But I told myself not to judge. By the time she spoke in English, her English is perfect, she was confident, she looked knowledgable, helpful, open, and energetic. I am sure if I met her in a bus, I would not notice her as someone who has a value. I am totally impressed! Maybe because I was in an Asian culture for 4 years and appearance is one of the most important aspects in society. This is when the theory ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ really applies to me. A friend from my program said, “I like how the people in the uni are really nice and open. The first time I saw the lecturer who will teach us Organisational Communication, I thought he was drunk, but he was very nice.”

I just laughed and said, “Don’t judge someone from his cover.” 🙂


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