Keep rowing the boat

Have you ever heard a saying, “However big the storm is, keep rowing the boat, and however calm the sea is, keep the rowing the boat.”? No? Well, I just made it, so it’s mine. Right? No. Blah.

I have been abandoning my blog for the last couple of days (and my writings for many, many months) and I realized that writing plays a big role in my life. It is somehow  as essential as food is to our body. Maybe I can imagine my life without writing but it would not feel complete. It helps me, to stay alive, I think. And somehow deep inside me knows that I am born to be a writer. I am not ready yet, or just too lazy, or just waiting for a motivation. The motivation comes mostly when I am deeply saddened by something I experience or someone else’s experience–when life seems difficult. But as soon as life seems to be kind again, the motivation goes away.

That is why, I made that quote, for myself. If you are in a boat, and you want to go to an island. Keep the rowing the boat, rest, and go again. Don’t easily get distracted. Sometimes I feel like life fast forwards the time and suddenly it is just too late. But in the end, you can’t blame anything or anyone, but yourself.


Life in Klagenfurt, can sometimes be boring, for those young people who love parties. And for those who are naturally an uncreative person, life in Klagenfurt could kill him slowly (this is what my seniors said…). Sometimes, I can have wild ideas without really thinking the risks of them. At the day of the guided tour, I met a girl who took the same program as I am, we ate at the uni canteen, then later exchanged contact details. The next day I walked to the Wörthersee (Wörtherlake) and I was amazed by how beautiful the lake is. I just wanted to jump in. I sent a message to that girl asking her join and the next day we jumped in there together. So how was it crazy? Well, she said it would be hellish cold. I still didn’t think it would matter. How cold would that be? But yeah, she was right, it was hellish cold. She said it was probably the craziest and most amazing thing she did so far. Before, I was not aware at all that it was crazy to jump into a 14 degree lake. Maybe I was already bored so that idea just popped up in my mind. But I must admit, that life in Klagenfurt, for me, is beautiful. So far so beautiful. I talked with some students about life here and many of them pointed out the things that bother them, which for me, is not a big problem, at all. The night life is so peaceful and calm, while others prefer an urban life. Another person said that it is silently cold here, so even if it is safe, he/she still feels the situation is mysterious and that someone could stab from behind. Klagenfurt is beautiful. Period.

Maybe because I have lived for 4 years in Jakarta before I moved here. I know how it feels like living in a metropolitan city and I did not really enjoy. Klagenfurt is beautiful. Period.

There will be some challenges, of course, but you just gotta keep rowing the boat and enjoy the flow.


But one thing that I might find bothering here, is that sometimes loneliness creeps the life out of me. It does not matter how many people are surrounding you or if your flatmates make loud noises but when that feeling comes, it just comes. And maybe they were right, it could kill you so slowly, especially if you don’t have a bike–I need a bike for god’s sake!


IMG_2583 IMG_2628




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