Undescribable Silence

I moved to a flat of 4 rooms and a kitchen which I will share with other 3 people or what is called ‘flatmates’. Ever since we started to live together, I knew it is going to be interesting. It means that we have to share the toilet, bathroom, kitchen, stove, fridge etc and since it is my first time sharing a flat, I have no idea if we should make a schedule on who uses these  first and if we should make a schedule on imagecleaning. It was difficult finding a single room flat because I actually prefer to live alone. When I asked my flat mates why they wanted to live in a shared flat, their reason is that they do not like to live alone and I wondered why. But now… It is 00.28 and is so silent I am having goosebumps. No footsteps on the corridor. No noises from flatmates in the rooms. No one cooking or checking the fridge in the kitchen. It is as silent as a dead night. And it feels unusually awkward.

I need a bike.


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