So these are a few things I have learned for the last couple days. Warning: many of them are not even worth taken lessons of.

1. I was scanning through the book called “How to win Friends and influence People” by I forgot his name (sorry!), and one of the suggestions I remember is to not complain and critize but rather try to put yourself in other people’s stinky shoes so that you will know why they behave the way they do. Putting this theory into my life application, living in a flat with 4 people should be complicated because we have to deal with what we will share, the cleaning etc etc. Some disagreements occur but at least I try to make both sides satisfied, which I hope I did and we haven’t completed everything so we will have to see, but I will try to deal with it with an open mind, communication, no complaining and critizing behavior etc etc and I hope it works 🙂 still lots to learn but human relations is an interesting and important matter!

2. Never ever try to buy lots of grocery without the wheeled grocery bag. Ever! I was trying to buy food for a week just because I don’t feel like going to the supermarket everyday-trying! But I ended up buying so many things it was so heavy. I was walking with my body tilted 45 degrees- seriously!

3. I didn’t know there is a brown ladybird, I have only seen red knees (it is not lady bug, it’s bird, and I should be embarassed if I’m wrong :/)

4. Cleaning your room, re arranging your belongings, trying new creative ways to design your room are some leisure things you could do that will make you happy, and tired, but I like how my looks like now 🙂

Seriously, who is reading this blog besides you? 😉


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