If there is anything I would like to say right now, I want to say, that I am blessed.

There may be some challenges in my life– who’s life is easy anyway? We all face problems– it really depends on how you see those challenges. For me, being thankful is very important. The downside of my life is nothing compared to those who are unfortunate. Yes, I may feel a bit stressed. Yes, I may feel a bit lonely. Yes, I may feel a bit confused. But no, I don’t have to be stuck in a terrible traffic anymore. No, I don’t have to wait for more than 30 min for a train or bus. No, I don’t have to worry about where I should walk and ride my bike because there are routes for pedestrians and bikers here. What more do I want, really?

I remember when I was in Indonesia, I wished for a different kind of living and now I am here in Klagenfurt. I have heard about a couple of complaints about living here and I still think that should not be a problem. I was biking today with a friend from my program and learned about the people in Klagenfurt that ‘should’ be a matter to me but it isn’t– at all. I don’t care, really. I will just take it as a lesson that could enrich my life. Being able to ride my bike everyday, peacefully, no cars honking behind me, is all I want, for now.

I am blessed. So if you think you complain too much, think again 🙂

btw, forgive me for any spelling mistakes for the previous blogs but right now I really have no motivation to correct them. And good news, I got a bike, finally 🙂


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