I am five and twenty

December 4, 1989, I was born, on a land, that my classmates had once said, full of forests and wild animals. The Dark Continent.

“Africa,” I confirmed quietly, to my friend in Junior high School.

He still didn’t believe. “So you were born in the middle of the forest with the wild animals there?”

Perplexed, I kept my calm manner, imagining I was hitting his head with a rock.

He stared at me, as if he was waiting for an answer. Feeling annoyed, I stared at him back and gave no response. What was I supposed to say?

Looking back at that situation, I find it very funny. And it actually inspired me to have a dream: to visit Tanzania and African countries. I want to see it for myself. I want to see if I was really born in the middle of the forest with the wild animals (seriously?)


Twenty-five years ago, I took my first breath.

Yay, I won the competition against other sperms and successfully survived for months inside my mom’s womb, finally popping myself out only to reveal myself: that naked, helpless, alien-looking creature.

That powerless, innocent creature who had no idea what was coming ahead of her.

I was merely a blessing and a gift of God for my parents. And I hope, I still am.


Now, I am still alive, floating on my restless boat, still having no idea of what is coming ahead of her.

Ich bin fünf und zwanzig= I am twenty five. And in just 5 years, which is short time, I will be 30. It is crazy!

I am just very blessed with my life, my family, and friends. And the only advice I could give to myeself is ” Keep rowing the boat and do good to others”


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