Dear YOU,

Hallo! Holiday (hoow..liiy..daay) is coming and I’m really happy. I don’t know, holiday just makes me happy. But I feel like I have tons of assignments to do (I think… or is it just my imagination that I have many assignments?), but apart from uni and assignments, I’m just really excited that holiday is right in front of my apartment door and new year is coming– I need to start packing!

There are many things I need to do, well, that I plan to do…

  • I’ve always wanted to make a short video about students living here to give inspirations to students in my home country. I have recorded the view of Vienna and I will shoot some views in Klagenfurt, but what’s really important is to interview my friends (since they are so busy…)
  • I need to get back to my writing! Seriously…
  • And in order to do the two above, I need to make a schedule for myself. I watched a video in Youtube on how to make daily routine and I am going to try her way…
  • And last but not least, just keep doing my hobbies, which are writing a blog and making videos and upload them in Youtube and getting no views at all because I don’t need any views but I want my friends and families to watch but I don’t really want them to watch because I’m afraid they might think I’m weird (phew, that was a long sentence)

I wish you (whoever you are) a great hoow..liiy..daay and just enjoy every single bit of bit. I hope I could achieve my plans during the Holiday and so do you! ❤

Lots of Love,

from a girl in her little bitty boat


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