1st day of vacation

Hallo good folks.

I arrived in Vienna yesterday evening and I felt so good to be back home. It is that overly excited, photo(1)warm feeling you get by the time you enter the door and you see your Mom’s worried face greeting you (just because she heard the train that I was on was a bit delayed), and then later seeing my dad going into my room welcoming me. Feels like love IS in the air! It is always good to chat with your family for quite some time 🙂

For some important reasons, I decided to try TRY to become a vegetarian and today is the first day. It is mostly for my health concerns, both physically and mentally. I want to see the difference and I hope I could keep going on after a few days.

I tried to find the most simple recipe I could find and I stumbled upon a very useful website on food recipe. Vegetarian sausage is my first simple vegetarian food. It is very easy: to describe it briefly, melt the butter in a frying pan then put the finely chopped onion (mine was not finely chopped and it will never be), then you pour the grated zucchini/ courgette, wait for about 3 minutes and then add the grated cheese and yolk (yellow part of egg, so you separate the the white and yellow, and out the white on a plate), and then pour in half of breadcrumbs (this is made by blitzing sliced bread into a food processor). After this, turn the heat and wait for a few minutes until it is cold enough for you to touch it. Form the mixture into a sausage-like form, dip it into the white part of the egg then to the other half of the breadcrumbs then cook it for awhile, and tada, the worst possible result would look like mine above. But it tastes goood! (my dad says so… you know they just want to make you feel better…)

Then I did a little bit of my assignment, which is (yay!) another achievement. I wish you a good day wherever you are. Stay safe, stay good. 🙂


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