Which day of vacation is it? I don’t know

Okay, this is the third vegetarian recipe that I chose to make. It is called “Classic Mentrone” (I just made the name up, because I forgot the second word, I will try to fix it later).imageimageIt is a mixture of vegetables: zucchini, carrots, beans being chopped and cooked together in a pot with olive oil. After around 20 min., pour in the kidney beans (I love them!) and tomatoes. In this part, you can add some salt and pepper. But before, you also need to boil your pasta/macaroni and when they are done, pour them into the pot of vegetables. Add some water and serve it with Parmesan cheese (grated) and voila! I did not like it.


My mom said I did not put enough water and salt.


And what was my second vegetarian food? Well it was my brunch for today which was baked zucchini with cheese inserted in the middle (I don’t know why but this sentence sounds cruel…)

Stay healthy 🙂 ❤


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