Kindness is in the air

Yesterday, while waiting for a friend to walk in the Prater Park, I was outside thr entrance of the Praterstern station and I saw what seems like a family (two men, one woman, and 2 boys)  who approached the homeless guys around that area. The family was pulling a carriage full of clothes and they were giving them to the homeless people.

I think this is a random act of kindness, that I think should not only happen during the Christmas time but also other times. For now I do not wish to talk about the topic ‘homeless’ (why they are homeless, whose fault it is, do they really need to be helped etc) but my point is that this kind of act is what we need in our world. Simple Act of kindness could be done to some stranger in the street, whether or not he needs it. It really melted my heart and spurred a hope in me.

image❤ stay lovely, good folks


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