Day 2 in Vienna (July, 2016): A Day in Mariahilfestrasse

‘Me time’ means taking time to go back to you, your core. – girlinaboat

05.07.2016, 10 am – 9 pm



Something about Mariahilferstrasse makes it one of my favourite places to visit in Vienna, not necessarily as a shopping destination, but the atmosphere is very lively. Most of its area are now open only for pedestrians.

You don’t necessarily need to go there for shopping. Just take a stroll, grab an ice cream or coffee, and enjoy the view of the long aisle, buildings, cafes, and trees.

Warning: if you are a shopaholic who wants to save some cash, it might not be a good idea, because you might end up going to each shop, and leaving with lots of shopping bags 😀

Good thing is, I went there to go shopping. I rarely shop unless I really need something. I was looking for a skirt, and I ended up buying two skirts 😀

So yeah, I spent the last day of fasting with shopping 😀

To kill time, I went to almost every shop there is, from the beginning to the end (and going back again). I wanted to break my fasting before going back home, so I decided to watch a movie in Haydn Kino (English cinema). Something about Haydn cinema gives me a ‘home’ feeling – I can’t describe it clearly.


It’s also interesting to see this cinema from the front/outside: it looks small but if you go downstairs towards the cinema, it is actually quite big.

A funny thing happened when I was waiting for the cinema door to open. I saw a guy, who seemed or sounded like an American, burst into the girl’s restroom. I think he put his scooter outside and went inside without looking at the ‘girl’ sign. I stared at him going in, confused. I waited for him to come out and he did. He saw me and turned his head to left and right. I pointed my hand toward the man’s restroom, which is right across.

“They changed it. This was for men.” He smiled widely, going into the man’s bathroom.

Is that a good excuse or was he telling the truth? 😀

I watched “X Men: Apocalypse” – did not regret watching this at all!


-girlinaboat realizes the importance of treating oneself-



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