Day 3 in Vienna (July 2016): To Celebrate Thankfulness and Forgiveness

-Thankfulness and forgiveness are defining moments to a happier you- girlinaboat


We were rushing to the embassy. I kept checking the time in my phone.

“Are you sure it starts at 8:30? Not 9?” I asked my new friend who is a new local staff at the embassy.

“That’s what I know. I hope I’m wrong.”

“I thought it was at 9.” I checked the time again, wishing the Idul Fitr prayer to start at 9, and also wishing the time to somehow magically slow down.

Waiting for the strassenbahn (tram) felt like ages. Even though our tram station to the bus station in the direction to the embassy is not far, but by foot, it can be exhausting, especially at that moment we were already prepared to pray. Not a good idea to arrive there sweating.

Finally, the strassenbahn showed up and we still kept discussing for the exact the right time. I hope that I was right. We got off to walk in a short distance to the bus station. Arriving at the bus station, I saw a familiar woman who was sitting on a bench.

She recognized me.

“Late… ” she whined. “There was a construction with the ubahn (underground train) so I missed the bus. But I am glad I am not the only who is late.”

The topic about the time arose again and no one knew for sure, what the right schedule was. I was praying that we weren’t late, especially that my new friend seriously didn’t want to miss it.

Getting off the bus, we didn’t talk much and walked quickly. By the time we approached the gate of the embassy, we could see people sitting and still listening to the preach. My friend praised, “It hasn’t begun. Thank God!”

We ran up the stairs and just in front of the entrance, there was a space for two people. We immediately jumped in to take that space, feeling so grateful. She said it was thanks to my prayers. I laughed and said it was hers instead. I suddenly remembered the other woman who was already behind looking for a space. I searched for an empty space and pointed her to the one in front — I felt a bit sorry, since she was way older than us. I was too caught up with the idea of not being late. Less than 5 minutes after we arrived, the prayer began. I was relieved.


If I were in Indonesia, I would be doing a completely different thing. In Indonesia, to celebrate Ramadhan, each year muslims go back to their hometowns in the suburbs to visit their parents. Usually, we visit my father’s hometown in Middle Java, and staying at my grandma’s house, we would prepare so many snacks for the guests. And we would also visit the neighbors’ places. The celebration can last for a whole week or even more 😀 Such a long drive to visit hometown but there is something special about it that I am not sure how to describe it… people are willing to sacrifice what they have, such as time and energy, to come back to their “roots” and maintain good relationships. B-E-A-utiful.


At least eating Indonesian food together with my friends can somehow shift my mind to focus on other things rather than reminiscing the moments in my dad’s hometown.

“Let’s go have coffee after this,” one friend said.

“Let’s go to Level 57 after that. Later in the evening,” another friend said.

“It has been a year I am with my boyfriend,” another friend said.

I was surprised, because she has never announced it. Maybe she wanted to wait until a year and to make sure they were committed. I was happy for her.

I was also happy for another friend who is getting married this summer. She and her boyfriend were leaving that night to Indonesia. I am so happy for them and I wish them all the best.

Of course, gathering with Indonesians without taking pictures is not typical Indonesians 😀

And taking pictures multiple times is very normal 😀


-Coffee time-

“Balthasar Kafffe Bar”, Vienna.



-Sky Bar and Restaurant-

“Level 57”, Vienna.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I lied on my bed, my eyes stared up at the ceiling, and my legs felt heavy. Usually, my mind would be wandering about how my day went. For sure, I had a great time with my friends.

What I like about Ramadhan celebration is a reminder for me that we all are going back to the Creator, that we need to be thankful with our situation, that we need to pause and abstain from the worldly matters and find happiness from other source to have a  balanced life, and that we need to learn to forgive others and yourself. In the end, what matters is your happiness and what you do with your beloved ones.

-girlinaboat is asking you, yes YOU, to be thankful-


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