Day 4 in Vienna (July 2016): Banana Split for My Baby…

-To find something beautiful is like finding pearl in the mud- girlinaboat


IMG_9011 (1)

The way I figure it, everyone always craves for something once in a while. For some reasons, whenever I visit Vienna, my mind is always bombarded with the images of banana split. I would probably be disappointed at myself if I left Vienna without eating banana split. It’s funny how any thing could control one’s thoughts and actions.

So, I went to the city centre, enjoying the area in Kärntnerstrasse, one of the famous tourist sites and shopping centres in Vienna. And no, I already reminded myself to not go shopping anymore. Good thing about me: when I don’t need anything, I don’t shop. I should be thankful that I don’t have many needs and I don’t have a crave for shopping!

I went to Aida (Wiener Kaffe and Konditorei: near Stephansdom and guess what my order was? I was so happy I could finally eat banana split. This made me wonder why I like it so much. Maybe because it reminds me of the banana split song that I used to sing during music class in elementary? The first time I heard this song from my teacher, I thought this song was really catchy, simple and fun to sing — until now, especially when my ears are exposed with too much with the mainstream songs that often make me strangely down 😀 Listening to such song uplifts me again!  And I think it was  actually the first song that made me fall for singing and performing…

I then visited my friend to have dinner at her place and then together with her, we went to “dotdotdot” – Open Air Kuzfilmfestival (Short film festival): ( under the Volkskundemuseum Wien (Museum of Folk Life and Art).

If you are in Vienna and looking forward to watch non mainstream short movies, you should come to their festival. I found the movies really interesting, unique, and creative. And if you are a non German speaker, there are subtitles provided in the movies if they are not in English. Good quality and it also saves your budget because it’s “pay as you wish”!

I didn’t know there is also a pay-as-you-wish movie 🙂

The festival is still running until the end of August. Visit their Facebook link:

-girlinaboat is appreciating the beautiful things she rarely has the time to appreciate-



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