Day 5: Don’t leave Vienna without going to Prater


-A little bit of adrenaline rush spices up your life – girlinaboat

-Finland, around 15 years ago-

Our car slowly passed the Linnanmäki amusement park in Finland as we were searching for a parking lot, and my eyes never turned away from the park’s direction. The sound of the thrilling rides and of people screaming were all that caught my attention.

I was ridiculously excited to be in the amusement park as if it was my playground. I could have got on each ride but my age and height at that time were not enough.

“I really want to get on that ride!” I screamed in excitement pointing to the scary ride, not realizing how unbelievably short I was at that time (still am).

“Yes! That!” I saw people sitting in rows and the seat was lifted very high up in the air while being turned around many times.

I could not put the real picture from the website of Linnanmäki but here is the link to it:



No one among my family and friends but I was standing in line, until I realized that the minimum height is 140cm, and I was probably 130 cm or 135 cm. Disappointed, I left the line.

I did not give up. I prayed to be taller. And the following visit, maybe a few months later or the following year, I came back, was standing in line with confidence, and passed the control section with ease. Of course I was allowed, because I put my high shoes on. See how ridiculous that is. Not because I was taller (I had lost my hope on that), but I put my high shoes on just to get on the ride. The staff was a bit suspicious at first but they allowed me in.

The thought of seeking adventure or adrenaline rush has always been in me. Now, the feeling of it is less somehow, but it is still there somewhere.

FullSizeRender (5)
Prater Vienna, July 2016


-Austria, 2016-

FullSizeRender (4)
Prater Vienna, July 2016

Certainly, when I visited Vienna, Prater amusement park was on my top list. If there is a saying, “Don’t leave Vienna without a kiss”, I would say, “Don’t leave Vienna without going to Prater”. Why? Because probably, you will get a kiss from someone there?

Well because of the excitement it offers. I have always liked being in a theme park even though I don’t get on any ride, but just by being there and seeing them takes me to another land of wonder. But of course, if you are not an adrenaline seeker, don’t bother.


FullSizeRender (3)
Prater Vienna, July 2016


And I was not as brave as I was once. I am now a bit scared of heights. Before getting on a ride in Prater, I was very nervous, but I did it anyway. And no, I don’t have to wear any high shoes anymore. I am not tall but definitely taller than before 😀

I just asked a stupid question to the staff there but I thought was important. I was wearing a skirt and I wanted to make sure if it’s allowed. I didn’t want it to slide down when I was up!

FullSizeRender (10)
Thanks to my friend who filmed me on that ride

Now, Prater has Olympia Looping of 5 loops until the end of August for the 250th anniversary. How I wish I was there now!

Info here:

My wish for Prater is that it would offer a one-day ticket to get on all the rides, besides 3 to 5 EUR for each ride. Yes, the park should be open for anyone who just wants to visit without getting on any ride but I think a one-day ticket would also be interesting for visitors.

FullSizeRender (8)
Prater Vienna, July 2016

-Speaking of the next adrenaline rush, girlinaboat is considering that thrilling ride to be in the list-



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