The Snowman Believes No One Created Him

-Helsinki, Finland, 1999-

Maunulaan Ala Aste, Primary School


We were building a snomwan in the school yard during the break. I didn’t do much to help since I had no idea how to make one. I was just helping them pile up the snow or just adding some snow on the bottom part.

“I don’t believe in God. Do you believe in God?” My Finnish classmate “K” suddenly asked me and my Afghan friend “A”. I think “K” asked this after the ethics class where we learned about the existence of different religions.

I looked at “A” blankly, and she looked back me.

“Yes, I believe in God. He created everything,” “A” said, with an unconvincing tone.

“No, he didn’t create everything. Why do you mean everything?”

“He created everything. Everything in this world.”

“K” looked at me seriously, “Do you believe in God?”

Still with my usual blank face, I answered, “I don’t know.”

“K” was not satisfied with my answer. “K” and “A” had a typical primary school argument and I was still stupidly with my blank face staring at them both. You don’t want to see my blank face. It’s cute. Just kidding.

“Look, this snowman is not created by God. We created them!”

“But snow comes from God!”

“No it doesn’t.”

We put the head of the snowman and with a little bit of decoration, there it was, standing and smiling. The break was over and we got inside the school building. Even when we were back in class, they were still arguing.

“God creates everything that exists on this whole universe!”

“Oh you mean God created this table?” “K” challenged “A”.

“No, but where does table come from? Trees. So God created the trees.”

I looked more stupider (that’s a stupid a grammar mistake there–whatever). I was just wondering why such different opinion could make them argue this much. Just get over it. Of course I didn’t say it. I hate conflicts.

“K” came to me again, “Right? Do you agree with me? God did not create this table.”

“K” was much bigger than I was and I was really scared of her, so I nodded a little.

“A” did not give up. “But God created the trees that we take to make this table.”

Confused, I nodded too at “A”. The argument kept on going, and I felt dancing between them.


July, 2016.

*staring at the monitor and thinking with a blank face*

Based on my personal experiences living here and there, I think now I have an answer.

I would like to share the reasons why I believe God exists and you are welcome to comment. First of all, I don’t intend to lecture you, nor do I intend to promote any religion or belief. But I would like to share with you my thoughts, and you are free to share yours too. I like discussing about life.

  1. I think I am naturally a spiritual person. I am born spiritual. I don’t mean spirits, as in ghosts 😀 Since I am a truth-seeker, I frequently question things outside of the worldly matters until my head hurts so much that I have to stop (… for awhile). But there are some moments when I force myself to stop questioning things and my day actually went very smoothly 😀
  2. I am aware of my spiritual needs. I think humans have various needs, such as material, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Some people might have different levels of those needs, and as for me, my spiritual needs are great enough that my life feels unbalanced when they are not met.
  3. I need a foundation to rely on that can fulfill my spiritual needs. If not, I will feel unhappy, incomplete, and unfulfilled.
  4. No humans could create this whole universe.
  5. Where does our soul come from?
  6. Where does our soul go after we die?
  7. Life cannot just happen without someone or something creating it. But then, there is something before that something (aaaah!)

Life can’t just happen. Farts can’t just happen-you can’t see it but you can smell it. You can’t see gravity but you know it exists. The snowman can say, “I don’t believe there is any creator who created me.” But there is.

But you know what, who cares. Does it matter if “K” and “A” have different beliefs? If it works for them, that’s good. Stop making it a big deal that it divides us. But if someone asks me why I do what I do such as prayer, that’s my answer. It might not work for you, but it works for me. I respect you, so respect me.

The snowman believes no one created him, and it’s okay. It does not harm the creator, does it? And the snowman is still going to enjoy the rest of his life until he eventually melts.

Again, I have no intention to influence you into believing what I believe.


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