Villach and Faakersee Austria

Finally, the beautiful sun greeted Austria again since Friday. For the last couple of days, the weather was either very rainy or gloomy. It’s actually good though for balancing the sunny weather, because sometimes it can be really hot. So I won’t complain for a week of sun and a week of rain. And I think for the next couple of days, it’s the sun’s turn 🙂

My friend and I decided to go to Faakersee (Faaker Lake or Lake Faaker..?) in Carinthia last Friday. I am glad I picked the right day because it was a very beautiful day!

From Klagenfurt West train station, I went by the ÖBB train to Villach to meet my friend there and we were going to drive to the lake by her car. I took the 9 am train and it took around 30 minutes to arrive in Villach. The normal price for adults is EUR 7,80. If you have a Vorteilscard, you can get a special price. Unfortunately, I can’t have one anymore because Vorteilscard is for those who are younger than 26. There is also Seniorcard which is for elderly people and another type of special card such as family and group card.

I have never been to any lakes in Carinthia besides the most famous and largest lake Wörthersee, so it would be really nice to visit other smaller lakes.

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Once I arrived in Villach, my friend showed me around the city. From the train station, one only needs to walk a short distance to reach the city, passing the Alpen-Adria Bridge. She explained to me that starting 31st July, the traditional celebration called Kirchtag will be held, that is why there are little flag and hearts decorations in the city. She also showed me the church St Jakobskirche or Stadtpfarrkiche, which I find very fascinating inside.

After a hot day strolling around Villach, my friend drove us to the Faaker Lake, with the entrace ticket of EUR 4. We thought that the water was very much colder than the one in Wörthersee and it might be because the water in Faaker Lake comes directly from the mountains. I find smaller lakes to be much nicer because there are not as many visitors, but for those who don’t own cars like me, it might be a bit difficult since you have to rely on the public buses.

Info on bus:

Bus schedule from Villach to Faakersee:

I would like to thank my friend who was very kind in bringing me to the lake, for the great conversations, and of course, for bringing me back home safely 🙂

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