First Vlog After Ages: Life in Austria


A few days ago, while I was bored, I checked my Instagram. Yes, I check my Instagram when I am bored. And yes, I feel bored almost every hour. And yes, I don’t check my Instagram when I am too caught up with my current activities. And yes, I don’t know why I keep saying “yes”:/ :/  (I can’t believe I make myself angry.)

My friend said in one of my Instagram pictures, “When are you going to post vlogs again?”

I have a Youtube channel that was abandoned for such a long time, just like any other “projects” that I began with. (My weakness: starting many things without committing :D)

I felt sorry that I haven’t kept my promise of vlogging that well. I didn’t like the idea of people staring at me in public because I have my hand up in the air with my phone. But I didn’t want to disappoint her, so I did it.

At first, it was very embarrassing and awkward. But now, I am kind of “addicted” to it 😀 In fact, now I want to dance in public (really?)

So this is my first vlog after a very long time of no video uploads. I was eating a veggie burger at a restaurant near my university with my friend. And she was so kind to want to be part of the vlog 😛

Basically, the first video is about the updates of my life in Klagenfurt, Austria, and sharing my personal experiences in living here.



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